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Ashley’s firsthand experience as a leader in the nonprofit, faith-based space has attuned her heart to the critical importance of mentoring. This passion has informed and fueled her consultancy, affecting change by equipping and encouraging leaders toward sustainable success with a Biblical foundation. With a Masters in Biblical Studies and Christian Curriculum, Ashley is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Regent University in Organizational Leadership. Her mentoring approach is centered around five stones for leadership, tailoring areas of focus to best serve the needs of each client. With the average tenure of nonprofit executives landing at only 18 months, Ashley is a strong advocate for the benefits of mentoring and their proven ability to lengthen leadership tenures to the benefit of God's ministries.

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Ashley travels throughout the country facilitating in-person training and workshops for a wide variety of nonprofits and faith-based organizations. She tailors her topics to best serve the focus and stage of growth of each client she partners with. Highly requested topics include Board Leadership, Spiritual Warfare and Staff and Volunteer Development. Ashley equips organizations with the fortified, Biblical foundation needed to meet the practical demands of their organization in a way that safeguards leaders and teams from burnout.

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The benefits of strategic planning are far-reaching for nonprofits. The process solidifies a strong vision for the organization. Once the vision is in place, long-term strategic planning sets a course for the board, staff, and volunteers. It is also an excellent tool to accommodate succession planning and long-term focus. Ashley works closely with the leadership to guide the organization to build a strong strategic plan.

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Ashely is a dynamic speaker with an engaging, relational style. She draws from her rich background of nonprofit and faith-based leadership, mentoring and Biblical studies to challenge and inspire audiences by illuminating the foundation of healthy, high-impact leadership. Ashley has a heart for equipping women in leadership, but speaks to audiences of all makeups. She is a frequent speaker at pro-life events and confidently addresses audiences of all sizes, ranging from conference key notes to deeper, topic-specific sessions in more intimate settings.

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