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About Us

Leadership is lonely, but you don't have to lead alone.

A secret that most people do not share is that leadership is lonely.

As you answer to the board and lead a team, the executive director maneuvers the middle. The mentors at Five Stone Mentoring have been in your shoes, and they know how it feels.

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Our Story

In 2018, Ashley and her oldest daughter led a workshop at a national conference. Toward the end of the presentation, Ashley added that if anyone needed to talk to an experienced executive director, she would love to talk to them or grab a coffee. At the end of the presentation, there was a line out the door of executive directors trying to meet with her.

At that conference, the heart of Five Stone Mentoring began. Leading is a lonely journey, and we all do the best we can on any given day. However, our experienced team of mentors can walk beside leaders to help them get their feet grounded. As the mentor walks the executive director through our Biblical curriculum's five stones (or foundation), the executive director gains more knowledge, insight, and confidence in their role.

Every mentor at Five Stone Mentoring has been an executive director of Christian nonprofits. They have struggled to raise funds. They have experienced staffing issues. They have been involved in countless board meetings. They have questioned if the Lord could really use them.

We have all walked in the shoes of a Christian nonprofit leader, and we want to assist you in leading to the glory of the Lord.

Meet The Team

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