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As a bridge-builder, God has used me to connect people from different backgrounds, political affiliations, belief systems, and faith communities to further his kingdom here on earth. I remember the impact of having someone I could trust that had gone before me and could guide me through the twists and turns of being an Executive Director. Iron sharpens iron. I want to be a light on that path for others.

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My Story

"You say you’re pro-life, but what are you doing to help someone make that choice? ” Ever since that Divine Appointment twelve years ago, I have dedicated my life to serving the Lord through Pregnancy Help Ministry.


In 2011, I became a community liaison for a pregnancy help center located more than 50 miles from my home. In 2014, I helped to bring a ministry out of the basement of a founding member’s home and into the forefront of our community. After serving as board president for almost two years, I became the organization’s first executive director. Following the Lord’s direction, our team achieved a successful rebranding and integration of community services, substantial growth in client services, and sustainability through mission advancement and community relationships. We also empowered the next chapter of leadership with resources to assist with the addition of ultrasound services.


Achievements over a six-year period included increasing the financial assets of the ministry by more than 900%, increasing annual clients served by more than 200%, and increasing the capacity for operations by more than 300%. Notably, partnerships with diverse faith communities were also established.


I believe that great servant leadership entails equipping others for success and the stewardship of having the right people, in the right places, and with the right resources. I currently serve part-time as Vice President of Engagement for Cherilyn Holloway (Pro-Black Pro-Life) and have served as a registered nurse in pro-life ministry as well.


I look forward to using my unique and personal experiences as a servant leader to equip and support you in living out the God-sized vision for your ministry. My husband Matt and I live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan with our four children and are a foster/adoptive family.


Areas of Expertise:

● Building Ministry from the Inside Out

● Strategic Planning & Mission Advancement

● Foundational Principles

● Branding/Marketing

In my relationship with Audra I have found her to be a great mix of professionalism, humor, and compassion. I highly recommend that any pregnancy center hire Audra to walk alongside their Executive Director.”

Sarah M. Bowen

Executive Director

2022 recipient of the Dr. Mildred Jefferson Courageous Servant Award, and author of Courageously Pro-Life (2019)

“Audra was an excellent leader for our ministry and truly an expert in the field. She was a continued resource for myself and the rest of the board.”

Jalene Miller

Former Board President

“ I highly recommend partnering with Five Stone because it is just that, a partnership-someone to come alongside you as an encouragement and mentor. Audra has been a blessing.”

April Woodall

Executive Director


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.
Let's connect.

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